What is MDO Holdings?

MDO Holdings is a DeFi system or dapp that works on the Tron blockchain. Essentially, it allows you to earn TRX on autopilot To be able to use MDO Holdings, you will need the web browser plugin wallet TronLink Mobile versions of the wallet such as TronLink Pro also work, but you need to access MDO Holdings using the internal dapp browser inside the app. And of course, you need some Tron (TRX) crypto in your Tronlink wallet.

How does MDO Holdings work?

MDO Holdings allows you to earn TRX from proof of stake pool. To participate, using Tronlink, follow these steps:

Step 1. Auction: Enter the MDO Holdings auction here:

Minimum Auction entry is 1 TRX but it is recommended to enter 10 TRX or more. This will enter you into the daily MDOX auction (every day 2500000 MDOX are auctioned, everyone gets their share based on how much they put)

Step 2. Stake: One day after the auction, return to the auction page to collect your MDOX tokens. Now that you have your MDOX tokens, go to Stake. Specify how much MDOX you want to stake and for how many days. Stake most or all of your MDOX. Good amount of days are 5 days or more. 15 days or 20 days is usually the best.

Step 3. Profit: One day after the final day, return to the stake page and Claim your reward. (Progress should read 'Complete!' in green letters, meaning reward is the best possible). You will get rewards BOTH in TRX and in MDOX. Enjoy the TRX, and stake the MDOX again.

MDO Holdings Telegram group is @MDOHoldings

No login system?

The only thing you need to log in into MDO Holdings is your Tronlink wallet. If you use multiple addresses in your Tronlink wallet, please make sure to be on the correct address first.

What happens if a Stake is ended early?

Your MDOX balance is penalized with an amount equal to the profit of half the days you committed to. Try to avoid being penalized, since the more MDOX you earn, the more you can keep staking again and again even if you do not enter or invest into new auctions. In either case, you will still get your full TRX rewards.

How to Contact the MDO Holdings team?

The best way is through the MDO Holdings Telegram group at @MDOHoldings

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